Monday, July 2, 2018

Poem: Summer Reflection

I like being able to use a somewhat dark machine for writing uplifting poems.  The Olympia Robust is a wartime typewriter made during the Third Reich. 

My Olympia Robust next to a Double Lemon (lemon crunch ice cream in lemon soda) at Pop's Ice Cream and Soda Bar in Roanoke Virginia.  Check out the old gooseneck soda fountain in the background they used to make my drink!


  1. Poem brings back fond memories of Franklin County and many fine days in Roanoke.

  2. ooh, yes. the sun, he being a real bastidge right now. I find it comforting that you channel that sunshine into an item with such potentially dark history. your chill level rivals the Double Lemon, I think, and chill is so desperately needed right now. (: