Monday, June 10, 2013

Rare Japanese Machines Part 2: the Clipper

The link I promised: 
Note the folding down carriage return lever. 

Curious here is the same lever operates the carriage release and also the roller release. 

Inside there are no more clues as to who made this machine, just a guide telling what each part does. 
These thin soft cases don't offer a lot of protection.  I am surprised the machine is in as good shape as it is. 
It even includes the key!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Rare Japanese Typewriters Part 1: The Argyle

It's actually an attractive machine, or would be in better shape.

Here is Will Davis' link as promised: 
Not sure if those spools are special, I saved the other just in case.

Little bit of rust.... 
My favorite view of the Argyle, I like the chrome strip running along the edge.  Also note the fold down carriage return lever.

More rust, yikes!

The case is in decent shape.  And the zippers work too!