Saturday, November 23, 2013

Most Overrated Typewriter is Still Awesome

I am going to take a LOT of flack for this I bet....
I am NOT attacking people with BMWs or Hermes typewriters.  I actually own six Hermes typewriters at the moment, four of them 3000 models (one is a parts machine though) 

Calling all pretentious D-bags! 
To some people this is heaven, one of these machines is pretty much standard, one is script, one has a techno typeface, and the other has a few custom keys 
To this arrangement we also add a broken later style boxy metal 3000 and an even later plastic bodied one made in Hungary

Monday, November 4, 2013

Changes and Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Gathering

There will be some changes to this blog, it will now be less a showcase and more a personal venue by which I share typewriter or writing related adventures and ideas.  My collection is now being showcased here:
This is a great website every single one of you should sign up for and post on.

I should note that I was given some gifts at the Chestnut Ridge event, two machine from Richard Polt including the stunning Triumph I did the below post with:
and also a Presentation from Will Davis:

It was an awesome event, there is simply too much to recount here and I actually accidentally deleted the few pictures I did take.  Here is a link to maybe the best reporting on the event (or a few):

Here is my much inferior report:

Photobombing Richard Polt and Robert Messenger and Martin Howard.
Photo credit goes to my buddy JP, you should make sure to see his blog:

PS to Richard Polt:  I lowballed you on the Adler Universal; it's still a gift!  But of course I also now have that amazing Triumph and the Princess too...  I really like the Triumph.  A lot.