Monday, November 4, 2013

Changes and Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Gathering

There will be some changes to this blog, it will now be less a showcase and more a personal venue by which I share typewriter or writing related adventures and ideas.  My collection is now being showcased here:
This is a great website every single one of you should sign up for and post on.

I should note that I was given some gifts at the Chestnut Ridge event, two machine from Richard Polt including the stunning Triumph I did the below post with:
and also a Presentation from Will Davis:

It was an awesome event, there is simply too much to recount here and I actually accidentally deleted the few pictures I did take.  Here is a link to maybe the best reporting on the event (or a few):

Here is my much inferior report:

Photobombing Richard Polt and Robert Messenger and Martin Howard.
Photo credit goes to my buddy JP, you should make sure to see his blog:

PS to Richard Polt:  I lowballed you on the Adler Universal; it's still a gift!  But of course I also now have that amazing Triumph and the Princess too...  I really like the Triumph.  A lot.


  1. I was very glad to make your acquaintance too -- and that goes for JP and Katie as well. And the photobomb ROCKS.

  2. I wonder if you can kick us up to 777 typewriters in the database? We're at 773 now :D

    I have one, maybe 2 left to input before I'm out of machines.

  3. Been lacking the love of your blog! Great to see you have new ideas on the way.

    And Ted... I think I have a few machines on hand to bump you up. I'm long over-due for some additions.

  4. It was great to meet the 3 of you. I'm glad you're enjoying the Triumph, and thanks again for the Adler!