Thursday, May 16, 2013

Typing Internationally

It skipped a lot at first, it really did... 
Two machines making their debut on my blog. 
It's actually a really great machine to type on (for being as "new" as it is at least).  At the San Diego airport they took it away for a few minutes to inspect it, but I was allowed to bring it on the plane and I still have it home with me.  It now has "Ensenada, Mexico" written on the case proudly in sharpie, the first of hopefully many trips it goes on.
Shamelessly stolen from facebook as I took no pictures, this is my team in front of the house we built along with the family that now lives in it.  Yours truly is back center with the camo hat.  My parents attend a Korean church by the way, the other white dude in the picture is my dad.