Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Handles on the Cheap

Man, this Underwood 3-bank is so cool and I want to bring it downtown.  Too bad it doesn't have a handle anymore. 
Well, this $1 belt at Goodwill is just about the right size... 
Size the belt by looping it through the brackets and putting it where it is comfortable for your hand.  Then mark it and cut it. 
Make sure you get the right size sex-nuts by taking the belt and the typewriter case to Lowe's (bring the typewriter too because people always think it is cool). 
Haha, sex-nuts... 
Line it up, mark it, and drill those holes.  Doesn't matter the case is 90 years old and in good shape, you are making better. 
Put the female sex-nut through the case.  The reason you are using sex-nuts by the way is so that they are flat inside the case and do not scratch your typewriter. 
Wow, the edge on that leather strap looks a little cheap and crappy.  Better go to the jewelry section at Michael's and buy some ribbon clamps. 
Yeah, get the biggest vice grips you can and just crush the hell out of them.  They're not going anywhere now. 
Put it all together and oh hey, it almost looks period.  Excellent.