Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TPH U / T OEU (new toy!)

"Totally Your Type" in machine stenography.  It is a chorded typing language, the left side is the initial consonant, the middle the vowel, and the right is the final consonant.  Each line more or less represents a syllable.  This typing language is still used in courtrooms today.
The stenotype is about a foot in length. 
Each print element is fixed in location, and several keys are depressed at once to represent a sound.  The message reads "stenotype". 
It is a closer cousin to the adding machine than it is the typewriter.  I believe this is from the late 30s early 40s, but I don't know. 
Not much space on the keyboard.  Some typists could allegedly type 300-330 words per minute on one of these!
Really odd paper and paper tray.  I suppose if I cannot buy this paper I can fold up an add-roll which will likely be more labor intensive than respooling a ribbon.  I wonder how many court sessions could get recorded on one paper load. 
The case (on the left) is similar in size to a Corona 3's (right), so pretty darn small.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Finally Posting Old Correspondence!

I have been a ghost for a while, but I am back and still playing with typewriters, don't worry.  I just haven't posted.  I have added at least one new machine and played with several others.  Been active on my other blog a little and I will be getting back to this one. 

I haven't tried this so I don't know if this is impressive or not.  It looks difficult.  Shows how late this past is though...  sorry typosphere!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Post That Isn't About Typewriters?!?

Got the projector to play something!  I need to learn more about it (I know the film is in backwards) but getting a picture from it was pretty exciting!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

100+ Year Old Machines and the Mystery Box Reveal

Right handed carriage return is odd but I found one gets used to it quickly.  The paper tray looks like newer models, but the serial number says this is a 2.  Perhaps it was rebuilt or repainted at some point? 
I forgot to add that you can now visit this blog by simply going to thanks to my old roommate who gave me a domain name as a birthday gift. 

One has to lift up the carriage to see what has been written, the typebars swing up from underneath.  Look at how fat that ribbon is! 
I think the understriking Remingtons look like pouncing spiders with their carriages up. 
Inside the box, know what it is yet? 
How about now?  It is apparently a 1927 (I haven't verified that yet) 16mm movie projector.  It seems to work.  I am waiting on an extra empty spool from eBay and then I should be able to watch this short Abbott and Costello skit I have. 
Let's all just hope the day I need to replace this bulb is a loooong ways away... (that's typewriter thumb there, as in ink, I am actually a clean person).