Wednesday, November 28, 2012

TPH U / T OEU (new toy!)

"Totally Your Type" in machine stenography.  It is a chorded typing language, the left side is the initial consonant, the middle the vowel, and the right is the final consonant.  Each line more or less represents a syllable.  This typing language is still used in courtrooms today.
The stenotype is about a foot in length. 
Each print element is fixed in location, and several keys are depressed at once to represent a sound.  The message reads "stenotype". 
It is a closer cousin to the adding machine than it is the typewriter.  I believe this is from the late 30s early 40s, but I don't know. 
Not much space on the keyboard.  Some typists could allegedly type 300-330 words per minute on one of these!
Really odd paper and paper tray.  I suppose if I cannot buy this paper I can fold up an add-roll which will likely be more labor intensive than respooling a ribbon.  I wonder how many court sessions could get recorded on one paper load. 
The case (on the left) is similar in size to a Corona 3's (right), so pretty darn small.


  1. I'm impressed that you have learned those weird letter combinations. I wish I could handle one of these.

    1. Wikipedia and it is actually easier and makes more sense than you would originally think.

  2. Interesting machine. I've been looking at getting one of these myself. Just out of curiosity.