Saturday, April 26, 2014

Olivetti Lettera 32s in Detail, Compared Through Generations

Machines A, B, C, and D left to right, bottom to top. 

Top to bottom: B, A/D, C 
Top to bottom: D, B/C, A 
Top to bottom: B, A/C/D 
Top to bottom: B, A/D (C has a ribbon cover from another machine, but is the crinkle paint variety). 
The ones made in Spain have labeled Tab keys, but the Italy made ones do not. 
Top you see what most Olivettis have, bottom is the mechanism on machine B, the earliest example.  This design is better I think than the newer machines. 
Top is machine B, the better design with one moving piece on the carriage lock.  The others are all the bottom which has two moving parts and does not work as well. 
Top to bottom: B, A/C, D
Here are some of these machines on the Typewriter Database:

Friday, April 25, 2014

Why I use a Typewriter, but really...

The clicker. 
From my Torpedo 18. 
Just for fun a few enticing photos from the favorite places to type from my last entry, this one from the White Hart in Lynchburg, VA. 
And this one from the Sycamore Deli in Blacksburg, VA.  The man next to / behind the typewriter is the owner Mike Weber.