Friday, August 31, 2012

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My First Typewriter

I really don't like it very much...
If it was at least good looking, maybe it would be a good machine to have.
That all being said I am grateful to have it and it was a thoughtful gift from my parents.

Monday, August 27, 2012

An Awesome Place to Public-Type and a Crap Typewriter

My favorite table at my new favorite bar and my better looking Adler Tippa which is very similar to my other one.  Better picture of the Royal portable in the blog, which the owner got from his son to add to the Royal 10 which is a carriage-shifting single-pane machine the owner won at an auction for $7 which has been part of the decor since.
This is continued...  Also, the address for Sycamore Deli so you can google or mapquest it: 211 Draper Rd SW Blacksburg, VA 24060

I got the Benson which is their standard Italian except it wasn't standard, it was exceptional; and a footlong plus drink, plus chips, plus cookie, was only $10.  If you get a six inch it's more like $6-$7 and there are specials everyday.

The Royal I absolutely love.  I would steal it but the guilt would consume me and I would hear the click and clack of typebars in the night like in Poe's "Tell Tale Heart".
A very cool stage that looks better not on my camera big enough for most bands and such that any seat is a great seat. 
The Noiseless was just too cool to throw away, and I would never throw away a typewriter, but I didn't want it.  Glad it found a new home where it can be appreciated.

Clever but crude use of a typewriter.

Thrust action typebars.

Complex Noiseless mechanism.  It actually looks pretty good, which made me optimistic about restoration.

Crappy rubber parts, which made me pessimistic about restoration.  Maybe someday, this machine's story is not over, who knows where it might end up next.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Speed and a scanner

My new scanner-printer.  I just bought it and am already upset with it.  Ironically, this is the best location for it right now.
The scanner takes an OK image, but I hoping for it to be a little clearer.
My LC Super Speed is the closer one which also the older one.  Mine is 1939, the other 1945.
A good view of the lack of a segment, and also a good picture to show you all that barn-find patina.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Favorite Typewriter

The "Philosophizer" (a nickname I hate that just sort of stuck) in the envied spot on my writing desk.

Crinkle paint makes these typewriters hard to photograph well.
I love the reliable and simple latches at each corner of the case.

I forsee a little bit of a rivalry between the Philosophizer and Frieta as each tries to win top spot in my heart.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Happy to Have the Blues (celebrate with me!)

Notice the mismatched ribbon spools on the Corona, a fun little quirk on a dearly beloved machine. 
I actually had to do a few drafts of the typecast because I ran into a talkative good ol boy at the laundromat who wanted to tell me his lifestory.  I obliged him and finished my work at home this time.
A close up to show the condition of the paint and details.  No flash makes it look black, flash makes it too blue, but you get the idea.  The case is also in great and workable condition.  Worth skipping a few meals if that is what it comes to.  I LOVE this machine.
It was love at first sight.  Seeing it perched on my desk still feels weird, I've wanted a Corona 4 for so long now!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thrifting in Roanoke

For less than $10 I call this a very good day indeed!

It will look slightly better after I clean it up a little.

Factory test sheet!  I have never seen one before.  These are the Triumph's first words! 
Hermes 109-7 Adding Machine

I overstruck on the last few lines on purpose, the machine works like a charm.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A cool typeface on a topless Tippa

Aggie the topless Tippa

After writing I met a fellow writer who was curious about my machine.  He was a very friendly and interesting fellow and I am excited about having a new local friend.  He actually supports himself as a freelancer (he says supports is a gracious word) and I even stayed a little late at the laundromat talking to him.  I tell you, typewriters are a good way to meet interesting people (boring people don't care if you are on a typewriter).  Also, it was Vintage Technology Obsessions who got me excited about this typeface today:  Technically not the same, but very similar indeed.

Aggie isn't exactly a looker, but she does all right.  She's a '66 by the way as close as I can figure.

If you didn't want a Tippa I bet you want one now.  I believe the Tippa is the lightest portable ever manufactured and it shares the lofty distinction of being able to fit in my backpack with only my Rocket and (barely) my Lettera 32.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Typing Space: Part Two
Fold-up furniture is an easy porch solution.  It cannot get stolen or bird-crapped on and it stows away beside your typewriter shelves.

Sorry the printing is light, not the best machine.  Still a loved machine though.

My porch sitting view.

Typing topless so I can fiddle with the ribbon as it stops up.  Also a good view of the QWERTZ keyboard for those who haven't seen one.  See that the Z and Y are switched.  A keen eye might note I used a semi-colon in my typecast but the machine doesn't have one.  I simply printed a colon, backspaced, and printed a comma on top.