Friday, August 31, 2012

The Expendable Typewriter (Did he REALLY just say that?!?)

See, it's not that special.  Don't get all upset about it being "expendable".


  1. I think we feel this way about a lot of things, be it collecting or just knick knacks. I can understand the idea of an 'expendable' typewriter, and I am trying to think of one in my collection that fits the bill. Probably my Underwood (Olivetti) 18 or my SCM Cougar II. They are decent machines, don't get me wrong, but I am proposing to give both of them away as gifts in the near future, and feel no sorrow. To pass along a decent machine to someone that will use it is a great feeling, and if it doesn't hurt you to do so, by all means, do it! Same thing applies for this typewriter, I suppose.
    The type looks decent enough, but I have never used a Silver Reed, and cannot attest their typing ability.
    Thanks for sharing this. It has given me something to think about.

  2. Ahh, a Silver Reed? Your punishment shall be 15 minutes of severe tickling. You may choose any willing person to administer your punishment and report back when you feel suitably admonished.

    Edit: ahh, dammit you're using that captcha thing I hate so much. :P

    1. I am!?!? I had no idea there was a captcha thing. How do you turn it off? I don't want it.