Monday, December 31, 2012

A Twin to my Favorite

The solid chrome strip versus the black striped chrome strip is the only difference I can see (other than the color of course). 
Good Christmas indeed, the Royal in it's fancy case on top and my reproduction Crosley record player below.

Monday, December 3, 2012

"It's (S)electric!"

Nasty, crappy, non-functioning Selectric I.  Shame because it is the best looking and easiest to store Selectric (it is next to a Royal KMM for size comparison).  This will be offered to a repairman for parts and if it gets refused it will be scraped.  I already pulled at least 4 cigarette butts from it... silly rednecks (this was a free "excellent condition" machine, yeah ok). 
My Selectric II, a good Goodwill find and it came with a dust cover and extra ribbons at a steal price.

Yep, got all three Selectrics, you gotta catch em all right? 
One of my job benefits is occasionally finding these in the warehouse and getting them cheap.  Some were broken and that was a loss but these work and overall I have gotten a good deal on these. 
My Selectric III with the table that came with in it's new location (outside of the typewriter room, GASP!)

Jumper was a dumb-name, as of now I christen the III "Humpty Dumpty" for obvious reasons.  Boy did I feel stupid/guilty when it flew off the cart.  Amazingly it works like a charm with only a crack on the bottom and some screwy hinges for the top-piece which I disconnected.  I am very glad to have it because I have had some of these awesome typeballs for a while and they don't work on my II.
Dreams do indeed sometimes come true! 
If you haven't yet seen a Selectric in action, you need to.