Monday, December 31, 2012

A Twin to my Favorite

The solid chrome strip versus the black striped chrome strip is the only difference I can see (other than the color of course). 
Good Christmas indeed, the Royal in it's fancy case on top and my reproduction Crosley record player below.


  1. Your new Royal looks tweedy, comfortable, classy. Enjoy!

  2. Interesting co,our. I like it! I was wondering when your machine would turn up! Love it.

  3. Nice one, or actually two! Those '40s Royals are very fun machines (:

  4. Hi Mark. My name is John-Richard, and I was wondering about your opinion on my first typewriter... ever! I just bought a 1940 Royal Arrow C962522. I want to write on something other then an iPad or computer. I am reading about your love for Royal and would welcome feedback. Again this is my first! I hope I chose well. ~

    1. I would say it's a solid choice. Basically the same machine, minus a few features (does yours have a tabulator?) Congrats.