Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Golden Shield


  1. I've never heard of this particular version of the SCM model 5 series before. What an amazing example of 1950s design! It's an unusual-looking machine.

    I'm always mystified by skipping problems. Probably because there are various reasons for them. This usually doesn't happen with Smith-Coronas, at least in my experience. My Silent Super works very well. My Sterling from 1945 does "strike over" occasionally if I try to type too fast.

    1. The three worst skipping machines I have ever used were all Smith Coronas! I have a Classic 10 that does it and my buddy has a really bad Silent. I think other than my two SCMs that skip none of mine do it often enough to matter.

      I have found the Adler Tippa has the opposite problem and sometimes leaves out spaces if one types too fast.

    2. I noticed that on my Tippa too!

  2. That's a very attractive example of the early/mid 60's SCM Super-5/Galaxy hybrids! (:

    I've had a few of those Galaxy-guts machines with skipping problems too. When they work right, they work great, but when they skip, I've never found a method to make them not skip. Oddly, I've never had a 50's Super-5 that skipped, even though they have pretty much the same internal mechanisms. Perhaps it's the material quality. Seems to me that the switch from 50's Super-5 internals to 60's Galaxy-style internals signalled a drop in the build quality of the parts. More plastic bits, thinner metal, etc.

  3. See my latest blog post for a tip to (possibly) stop the skipping.