Monday, June 3, 2013

Rare Japanese Typewriters Part 1: The Argyle

It's actually an attractive machine, or would be in better shape.

Here is Will Davis' link as promised: 
Not sure if those spools are special, I saved the other just in case.

Little bit of rust.... 
My favorite view of the Argyle, I like the chrome strip running along the edge.  Also note the fold down carriage return lever.

More rust, yikes!

The case is in decent shape.  And the zippers work too!


  1. It is Will Davis's page, Alan Seaver just hosts it beacause Will's main site is not really working.

    I've seen these a few times, and definitely am intrigued by their lines! But I've never bought one because I'd have to find it for $10 or so.

  2. Not in the best of shape, but a rare machine nonetheless. Congratulations on the find! Craig's List is great for that kind of thing, isn't it?

    Also, those are by far the neatest ribbon spools I have ever seen. It's a shame that they are hidden by the ribbon cover. I would have to find an older machine with exposed ribbons for those spools. Better find than the typewriter! HA!

  3. Ouch, that's some bad psoriasis. Neat typewriter design, though.

  4. I have added Nippo and the various brandings they were sold under to the Typewriter Database. Feel free to upload this example (:

  5. A rare find indeed, sorry it's not up to par in terms of condition.