Thursday, January 12, 2017

Old Musty Typewriter for just $6.82 (times 22...)

This was a cool opportunity to buy in bulk.  There are some winners.  22 machines, for $150 and I think I did all right...  The cases are all pretty much shot, moldy and torn and rusted, but the machines are not bad.  Sorry for blurry pics, taken late at night in my cellar after moving them all, didn't really try that hard to get them in focus.
Here is what 12 standards in the back of a Scion looks like. 
6 40s-50s Underwoods, a Royal KMM, a Smith Corona, Woodstock, Remington 17, old front strike Remingotn, Royal HH.  Probably no keepers here, but a chance to get some of my money back perhaps.

10 portables in the trunk of a Scion. 
This Corona 4 needs some TLC, but it's not bad.  Has the spool covers.  Might keep it might not.

Remington Travel Riter needs quite a bit of TLC.  Not likely one to keep. 
Smith Corona Clipper with the plane decal, actually pretty much working.  I think these are cool and will likely keep it for myself.

This is a fancy Remington Noiseless.  I think I have a friend in mind for this one. 
Remington Portable #1, case is way junked, machine is decent.  I might have a home in mind for this one too.

Very nice Corona Silent.  I will clean this up and if it suits me as a writer's machine I will keep it. 
Royal Model O, this might clean up and if it doesn't I will make it a cool color or something.

Another less cool Remington Noiseless.  I won't keep this one. 
50s Underwood Leader.  If there is one to toss in a lake it's this one.  Might be the only one here not worth the average price of $6.82.  The platen knobs won't even turn.  It's not like these were ever that nice even when new...

And this is the star of the show, a quite nice Royal De Luxe which has been on my want list.  Seeing this one sort of sealed the deal for me.  Again, like all of them, the case is crap, but this machine has real potential!


  1. Nice! It's sad they weren't better cared for. I always wonder if bulk scores like this indicate that an unknown collector has died or something.

    1. This guy is alive and well, just decluttering. He bought them because they were cool, and cheap. He wanted them to go somewhere they would be appreciated.

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  3. Those cases look pretty nice (having owned worse, I can tell that they just need cleaning) A good thorough cleaning does wonders for those old cases. To clean one: 1. Squirt Ajax dish liquid on the case. 2. With a toothbrush and hot water, make small circular motions...the suds should turn tan. 3. Dry with a paper towel. 4. Repeat as needed (it may take several, but the leatherette will look like new, instead of "ew"

    1. Thanks, I will try it! It won't fix the severely rusted latch the Clipper but maybe the other cases will all be worth saving. And I suppose I could engineer a new latch... I will try your recommendation for sure.

  4. OMG, what a haul! And what dust and mold!

    My go-to stuff for cleaning cases and wrinkle paint is Scrubbing Bubbles.

  5. Looks like a deliciously musty batch :)

  6. I can feel the dirt on my hands just looking at those! :) Nice haul!