Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Poetry Writing in Northern Virginia

I grew up in Northern Virginia, in Fairfax County.  My parents still live here, and it is quite different from west-central Virginia in the mountains which is home to me now.  These are some poems I wrote while sitting in a Northern Virginia Starbucks during my holiday visit home this year.  I hope you enjoy them!
A somewhat cynically designed building that has been near my childhood home as long as I can remember, described in a poem below. 
Semblance is the correct spelling, oh well.  I liked the word "balance" being part of the word, so we can pretend this is not an accident...

Same building at night as viewed from the Starbucks. 
Google it, the Evoque is certainly a "city truck".

My faithful Consul 221, a great typewriter indeed!  And the orange car in the background may indeed be an Evoque... there are a lot of them up here in Fairfax County.

My car in a crowded parking lot, the subject of the poem below. 

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  1. Very well done. It takes courage to type in public. I like your poems.