Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I have been busy this summer working on my novel and going places and doing stuff, but here are a few typewriter photos I took for blog postings I never finished or chose not to post.

Went on a hike near Pearisburg, VA, did some writing on my junk Adler Tippa by a small waterfall.  The machine got pretty wet taking this picture but seems to be totally fine.  It's expendable. 
My friend Alex got a few really good pictures of me typing on a junk Brother during our beach trip this summer.  Another expendable typewriter which survived and shall be going on more risky adventures. 
A picture taken after going outside to make a phone call, you can just see my bright blue Royal QDL in the window of my favorite coffee shop, the White Hart in Lynchburg, VA. 
We did some clean-up and reorganizing and now I have my own desk in the lab at work.  There were "better" work stations but only one bad-ass Steelcase desk no one wanted, their loss!


  1. Nice shots.


    More people keep getting the guts to type in public. Once in a while they get scorned online as "hipsters." The reaction seems to be mostly based on bafflement and the assumption that there's no good reason to use a typewriter in the 21st century. How wrong!

  2. Typewriter desk or fire exit? Tough call but glad you made the right choice :-)

  3. ooh, Steelcase! People just don't know what they're missing out on. (:

  4. Actually, I really like that steelcase desk. That's a great score. Looks like it sits at a very nice height too.