Thursday, September 20, 2012

Treasure Hunting (success!)

The most compelling box I have ever seen while thrifting.

In keeping with my habit of naming typewriter with names I don't like that do fit I have decided to call this one Indy because I felt a little like Indiana Jones cracking the case open for the first time.

Needs new paint, and less rust.  I think it adds character.

Slightly mildewed, and check out that crooked, bent-up paper tray (if you can call it that, it's a little small). 
When I checked to see the condition of the paint on the logo on the back I noticed the back was just missing.

All in all, it looks good in spite of its many many flaws.  Especially in the sunlight and even more especially in a photo.  I am actually a little disappointed I can't show you how worn out it is better.

It was a nice day to clean up and use an old typewriter outside.  Put on some oldies music too; it was very nice.


  1. This oldtimer really has character!

  2. What a score! I think I too would leave it in its natural state; it tells a story that way. Besides, she's pretty the way she is!

    Even though Olivers are my favorites, we really are a Royal family. The first one we picked up was a Royal (Standard No. 5), and since then we have acquired another three (two Aristocrats of different ages and a Royalite). There are more Royals in the house than any other typer. The first of the Aristocrats was a birthday gift for the he could claim a machine as being all his, instead of having to share, hahaha. It's the one with the escapement issue.

  3. Cool! I have an early '50s QDL that spent its life uncovered in an auto body shop. Even with all the paint spatters and grime, it still works perfectly.

  4. Glad to see it up an running :) Can't wait to type on it myself.

  5. He looks great on your desk out there. That machine has character. I love it.