Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Desk for Typing Part 1

I don't usually feel particularly strong either way about dealer decals, but this little blue one is one of the nicest I have seen.

For $5, if the desk gets ruined sitting outside I can just throw it away later.


  1. Wow. Nice desk, and it's great to know the history of your practically-new Royal!

  2. Great setup you have there! I like... And it feels very nice with that Royal.

  3. My patio is not covered, so I cannot really put a desk out there, unfortunately. Your setup looks quite nice. I do, however, occasionally use the giant wire spools on our patio for typing. A bit awkward, as they are higher than a desk, but I take out a bar chair and make it work.

    1. Outdoor typing in the rain is real nice, and the porch has a metal roof so it's even better. My house is old and ghetto, but it has its charms (front porch, wood floors, high ceilings).