Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Poem: In The Woods be Witches

I'm still here, still writing, just haven't completed much lately.  I've been pretty preoccupied, exhausting myself sifting through all the lies and dross tossed at us each day.  I don't really want to post angry political poems so those mostly get thrown out.  I might still post one if I can do it like an allegory and it comes out all right.  I am trying to focus on other better things in life and get back into my old groove.  I miss street poetry.  This is an old poem I found on my ipod and realized I had not shared.  


  1. I've seen many weird and spooky things in the woods of VA at night. I wonder if any of Franklin County's finest, of which I did my share of imbibing had anything to do with it???

    Beware of the woods at night.

  2. Good one, it brought a smile; there’s not a lot to read that does these days. Glad you’re still there bringing a bit of pleasure!