Friday, January 4, 2019

Poem: Divine

"Abbott-plane" is a term I made up.  Flatland is a book by Edwin A Abbott published in 1884.  It describes a square living in a two dimensional world, who comes into contact with a sphere and is faced with the difficulty of comprehending a three dimensional object from a two dimensional perspective.  As the sphere passes through the square's plane it appears only as a circle which is changing size.  On a mathematical level the book helps us visualize relationships between dimensions.  On a practical level it challenges us to question our ability to understand things beyond our own scope of comprehension.  It is quick read and absolutely worth it. 
In the middle of this photo is the smallest slice of vivid rainbow.


  1. Beautiful photo. You are in teh land of rainbows BTW. I often saw them in the mornings driving over the mountains on my way to work. One summer morning after some early morning rain there were 16 small rainbows in the fluffy clouds over our plant on Hollins Road, Roanoke.

  2. This is a really interesting poem, with dense wordplay and ideas. Well done.