Monday, June 25, 2018

PSA: Do you REALLY know how to use a stapler?

For a long time, I did not.  At least not to their greatest potential...

The part which the staple presses down into is called the anvil, and most staplers have a two mode anvil where one pushes the ends of the staple inward and the other pushes them outward.  Sometimes the anvil slides to adjust, sometimes it is pushed up from the bottom, and I have even seen ones where it flips.
My Arrow 210 has a three position anvil, described on the instruction booklet below.

Aha!  There IS a reason for the outward staple!  It's a temporary staple.  If you choose to begin using these you will not need the scary-teeth-looking tool so many of us have seen and used.  You will only need your fingers.

Check out this very short video to see how much easier your life is about to become:


  1. I used both the permanent and temporary staple at times. I mostly used the temporary one in radio. I've never seen the pin before.

  2. heh, I guess you never read my stapler posts then :D

    1. Not true! I was looking at staplers on your blog before I even got my first old stapler. I actually learned about temporary staples about 6 years ago and have used them since. I just realized I had never posted about it on my own blog. Just doing my part to get the word out!

  3. If I were to use the temporary staple setting then I'd lose a major justification for carrying the 75 year old pocket knife in my pocket every day. Clearly, stapler have gone high tech on me (ages ago, it seems).