Wednesday, November 8, 2017

What To Do If You and Your Typewriter Are Asked to Leave a Business

These are my thoughts after having experienced this.  I think it should be required reading for anyone who wants to bring a typewriter to use in a public place.


  1. Ah, Mark. Sorry you had endure the cold shoulder. I suppose there is no "right" to type, especially in a business premises like a café. It isn't part of the deal for the price of a latte but it is going to be a huge turn on for some proprietors and a big annoyance for others. If I remember (and maybe I don't) but did the section in Richard's book suggested asking if it was OK first? Type-Ins aside, I don't generally type in public myself but I'm really glad there are those who do - more power to you!

  2. Oh hey, you forgot the part about sugaring their gas tank after a week has passed, so that they don't connect it to you. :D

  3. If you ask first you can avoid this negative scenario entirely! Good article though!! I believe you meant to type "reassess" instead of "reaccess", and I think "guest wrote" should have a hyphen (guest-wrote). I love that you typed this up and that you refer to typists being "in uniform" while they are representing with machine. It is so true. I type in public and always ask first and even tell the barista that if I do end up bothering someone just to tell me and I can move or pack up. Thank you for sharing your experience.

    1. That's the nature of blogging by typewriter!

  4. Great article, Mark! I'll keep these points in mind.

  5. There's always Starbucks. You could arrange a type-in at the competitor's and have a really big event.

    Good advice Mark.

  6. Firstly, that really sucks - but it was statistically inevitable I fear.

    The 'in uniform' concept is interesting, I wonder if it will resonate with anyone who has not had to don a uniform and represent some entity that's bigger than themselves?

    Nice thoughts, Mark.

  7. I totally get it. As a Buddhist in training, as a Canadian in Japan, as a member of my grade school, even as a member of my family - everyone has experienced wanting to do their community proud. I'm honored to be part of this fine typer community with such fine examples to follow as all of you.