Monday, October 23, 2017

A Poem and a Robust

I suppose it's somewhat political, but it's what I believe and it is part of my justification for why I love owning this machine.  Those of you who have been following my blog surely know how long I have wanted a machine that could type the title of that poem! And yes, I am aware now that there are some misspellings.  
The best thing about having one of these at a Starbucks might be laughing to yourself when people walk by and say their grandmother had one just like it!!!!


  1. Glad it ended up in your hands. I'm always a proponent of understanding that while the machines may have represented the tyranny and horror of one of mankinds worst atrocities, we need to strive to keep and preserve such representations so as to recall the past and staunchly say "never again". Simply destroying or censoring such things does little, and in essence helps people forget what happened. Your poem, of course, pretty much says just that.

  2. Never for get the past. Learn from the past. Never repeat the mistakes of the past (if only as a society we could).
    Nice poem. Beautiful and unique typewriter.

  3. I basically agree. Of course, one could apply this to Confederate monuments as well. I can see putting up another kind of memorial next to them, or moving them to a museum, but they should not be destroyed. I personally don't want an SS machine, as I've said in the past, because it wouldn't bring me any pleasure, but I appreciate your initiative in using one to improve the world.

    1. It certainly does apply to confederate monuments as well. And I understand your not wanting an SS machine -I don't want a Confederate monument in my yard!!!

    2. And actually some unfinished research suggests a particularly dark past for this machine. That's for a later blog-post.