Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Election: Political RANT

But seriously though.


  1. Thank you for the typecast, and the reminder that there are more important things than becoming bogged down in the mess that is the news media. Today, we early voted. So we're done. Don't need to pay any more attention to the mess on TV. Democracy is what happens on the streets and in the voting booth, not what gets aired on TV.

  2. Each election cycle I find it difficult to avoid politics. This year I could not resist. One thing I decided after the primaries is to make fun and hope for the best as neither person is fit for the office of President. I already voted so now I'll put up with whoever gets elected.

    1. Several blogs have become political platforms lately, a handful have consistently been that. This is simply my own little retort :)

  3. I find this post to be very politically correct. In other words, politics is best avoided. ;)