Monday, November 16, 2015

Tim O'Brien's Typewriter

I made an assumption from my encounter with Tim O'Brien that he would prefer to be referred to as Tim rather than Mr. O'Brien.  Something about it seemed more respectful as he is a man of great humility.  I could be wrong but I took a chance.  The link I refer to is here Writers and Their Typewriters


  1. I love these kinds of posts that deal with writers and their methods.

    1. Same joe I watch your videos I like your smoth corona cougar I wonder what happened to it

  2. Always good to hear how a writer does his or her writing. I love my Royal protables. Can't say the same for the HHs I have. They are brutes that have features not found on other typewirters, but not as smooth to use as comparable Underwoods. I really need to get a Royal 10 or KHM.

  3. Duly added! With a link to your report. Thanks.