Thursday, November 6, 2014

Backpackable Machines Part 2 or Bonus Edition

Both are machines I wanted a month ago, and now both are machines I have! 

The Skyriter on the left, the Zephyr on the right.  The Zephyr looks narrower and longer in person but it's a trick of the eye. 

So pretty, so crappy. 


  1. Very nice typewriters. The Brother looks nearly new. Surprised it is stiff.

    I'd pick any of my Skyriters over a Rocket or Baby any day unless weight is an issue. Then I'd pick the Baby.
    Montana Typewriters are nice for backpacking too, but they are not the best typers. My Tippa S is nice, but heavy for a plastic body machine and the touch is a bit hard. I really need to get a Lettera 22 or 32.

    1. Stiff to ME. I think the Olympia SG-1 and Underwood Champion are also stiff.

  2. An interesting selection of portables - greatly admire the Zephyr!

  3. That's a good-looking Zephyr. It's interesting how many ways Smith-Corona tried to exploit that design over the decades: they even built electric portables around the same concept. But probably the '50s Skyriter is the best such machine.

  4. Backpackable, indeed. Great travel machines in general. The Skyriter may not be the most elegant or technologically advanced machine (hat tip Hermes & Olivetti), but they absolutely nailed the feel and loudness. The tilt-carriage makes the carriage shift more than tolerable - it's genious! I love the case ... I just wish they'd have tapered it a bit. As a side note, you can lay 5-10 sheets of paper on top of the machine and still fasten the top!