Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Old Christiansburg Post Office

That beautiful hazy grey before heavy rain and thunder...  you can see how the flag is whipping about. 

The WPA painting commemorates local events during the French and Indian War. 

View from inside across the center of town. 
I actually want a PO box just so I can get my mail from inside one of these but alas I have no money right now for non-essentialities. 
The height of the C makes me think these signs on the doors might have been hand-painted which is very cool!


  1. What a beautiful little building! Thanks for the pics (especially the one of the rainy view from the window).

  2. Lovely place. I was in a neighborhood Carnegie library yesterday which has a similar feel.

  3. I hope they still use type writers there! Computers would not fit the decor.

  4. Great little post office - and it seems to be in nice condition! One of the small towns near me in Wisconsin has a similar post office with murals and all - it's a joy to go into. Thanks for sharing it, and even more for just noticeing. So many people walk around and don't even see what they see!