Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Are any of you in Lynchburg, Virginia?

Later in the day I met a man named Tom Wood at an antique store about two blocks down the road from the White Hart.  He told me they had moved 80 typewriters this year and even had just sold a Royal Quiet De Luxe that morning.  There was one typewriter in the store, an Adler Universal 200 from the 70s in excellent shape for $35 which makes me think he must be pretty reasonable.  I mentioned I fix machines and he offered to cut me some great deals if I fix a few things for him on my next trip up there!


  1. I hope you have fun in Lynchburg. Nice place. I don't remember the White Hart though.

    H3k machines are nice, but not as nice as an Underwood. I wonder why I only have 3 Underwoods and 7 H3ks.

    For a real challenge take your typewriter to the top of The Peaks of Otter (by foot instead of taking the bus).

  2. As the Insurgency grows, chance encounters between insurgents will increase ... this is a tantalizing report.