Sunday, February 17, 2013

Shopping in Roanoke

The new one is the one on the left.  They don't have a whole lot different between them.  I still prefer the Philosophizer though. 

$40.  A little screwy but fixable.  Easy to pass up. 
$45.  Less easy to pass up, but not worth it to me.  It could be a workhorse for someone.  All the wear and damage seems to be cosmetic.


  1. Nice selection! Oh sure, you can find the older Royals. I have seen so many early 50's QDL's and 'crats and nothing in the early date ranges.

  2. Handsome Aristocrat, totally worth it in my opinion.

  3. Interesting keys on that Remington Rand; they look like they were replaced in the '50s.

    Seems wise to get a backup of your favorite model. It can donate parts if necessary, or type if the Philosophizer needs to go to the shop.

    1. I was wondering about the keys, I just assumed the machine was late 40s. It felt really nice but it was beat up and I only have space (and $) for so many standards.

  4. Two Royal's on a bench eh? I think I might have to replicate this... :P

    Nice machines though.

    On the other hand, you're a greater man than I - passing up on both of those machines.

  5. Hello Peter, Thanks for posting your collection. I just just got one serial #2152870 and from the discretion what is was getting was a typewriter used for parts. Although it looks a bit rough and wormed the space bar has aged cracking and has suffered a chunk missing I was surprised to type with it was a beautiful feel to the keys and typing. I'd like your opinion as an-enthusiast how do you feel about a painted or covered hermes? Let me just qualify the question this typewriter is very ugly looking and its too far marked and scuffed to clean. Thanks M an-enthusiast as well