Saturday, July 28, 2012

Noiselessly Typecasting

1948 Remington Noiseless
When a Noiseless is struck too hard it double strikes, see the comma in my header.
The mechanical restraint that is part of the Noiseless technology


  1. Very nice typer. I have one of these myself, but have never really gotten around to giving a real go. Of course, mine doesn't have that lovely service sticker on the front...they really provide character, don't they?
    I will definitely be checking out your smashwords account. As a writer myself, I love to see what other aspiring authors are churning out. Good luck!

    1. The service stickers are usually a good thing, I have seen some uglies though. You should try some work on Noiseless. I had heard they were unpleasant to use, but I really like mine.

      Let me know what you think. Cold Stairs is my best piece up.

  2. "When a Noiseless is struck too hard it double strikes, see the comma in my header."

    This actually might be caused by a deteriorating pad underneath the machine. You can check by slowly pressing the comma key down until it won't go down any further - if at that point the extender arm is *straight* rather than the usual slightly bent at the elbow position, it means the stopper pad area for that key has broken off or worn down too much.

    I had this problem with model 1 (noisy noiseless) and was able to figure out a fix (mine was far worse than yours seems to be):

    1. Interesting and good to know. I have to hit it pretty hard to do that, and if I hold a key down the kink is there as should be. I think a lot of the times when I begin typing it takes me a line or two to gauge how hard the keys on that particular machine need to be struck since each one is different.

      You have a nice blog there and though it is one I watch I hadn't seen older posts from before when I starting reading these. Thank you for sharing! I'm honored to know you are reading (that goes to many of your fellow typospherians whose blogs I read).